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به علت عدم وجود قانون گذاری در حوزه ی رمزارز ها در سیستم قضایی کشور، ایران به بهشت کلاهبرداری و پولشویی تبدیل شده و مردم ایران مورد هدف بسیاری از کلاهبرداران قرار گرفته اند

طراحی سیستم پانزی بر بسترکریپتو به یک روش آسان برای گول زدن مردم ناآگاه ایران تبدیل شده

این وب سایت و بستر، تنها در مدت 2 هفته ، بدون هیچ دانش اولیه ای از طراحی وب سایت ، تنها توسط  یک  نفر آماده شده است ! مراقب سرمایه ای که با زحمت به دست آورده اید باشید

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At OverEx Capital, we believe in empowering our clients with better investment solutions to help them reach their financial goals. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing innovative investment strategies that are designed to maximize profits while minimizing risk.

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Prop Trade Investment

OverEx Capital is an investment company that provides prop trading investment opportunities for clients. We collaborate with top prop firms and allow clients to buy into our investment plans. We make the investments by purchasing prop firm trading accounts and then copying the trades of the best traders with a history of profitability.

Prop trade Investment

By using Prop Trading, you can Use other companies capital, so your funds are risk free!

PropFirms copy trades of their top Traders with +2 Years history of profitability , now you can do so!

Overex Capital Prop trade investment

How to start?

Overex Capital Prop trade investment

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Sign up and Create an investing account in OverEx Capital

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OverEx Capital is committed to preventing money laundering and other illegal activities through its investment services.

Overex Capital Prop trade investment
Overex Capital Prop trade investment

Choose your investment plan

Choose the most suitable investing plan for you and enjoy Secured passive income.

Affiliate Program

Refer Friends, and earn up to $10,000

Overex Capital Prop trade investment

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You will get weekly Statement of your investment, check your traders function and profitability

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