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Our company is based on trust. by joining our investment plan, You get weekly report of our traders function to your Mail. you can also reach our clients Payment certification and check the TX Ids on blockchain explorer.

To prevent money laundering , we use KYC (Know your customer) Policy.

to use and be able to withdraw your profit, you have to complete KYC in Your Account. after acceptance of your documents, you are able to enjoy our service in OverEx Capital. 

All of our Investment plans are 13 months long, after the end of our contract, your Investment capital will be refunded to your wallet. 

You are able to withdraw it or reinvest.

After receiving your weekly profit and at the weekend, You are able to make a Withdraw Request. we will proceed your request in 24 Hours.

If you are an Affiliate partner, after every Affiliate purchase, your share will be deposited to your Wallet and you are able to Make a Withdraw Request, we will proceed your request in 24 Hours

After registering as an Affiliate, You will get 5% Commission of any purchase that happens via your referral link, and also you get 20% of your referrals monthly commission. 

We also give 20% discount on the commissions for your referrals 

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